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Buy or Rent? That is the Question
September 30, 2008, 3:09 am
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My sister and I were talking and we were wondering how this whole National Money Fiasco (NMF) affects future homebuying. IT was always instilled in us as reponsible adults that one should buy a home of ones own for investment and finanically sound reasons. But, now that the housing boom is the purported reason for this NMF, is it really a good idea to buy your home?

MY sister mentioned a man she saw on TV who had the philosophy of “Invest in your Business and Rent your home” and the way things are going lately, I’m starting to believe him.

I’m not quite sure if this is the same man or not (Ray Martin) but I was able to locate an article with him proclaiming something pretty close to this sentiment. Sorry to be a bad blogger and have half the info, but i’ll get back to you because this guy is supposedly doing a book.

Better To Rent?

Oct 3:Update so it took me a few days but i finally found the article that sparked this blog. It’s an article by Financial Specialist Jack Hough- Rentings Makes More Financial Sense


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