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Like We Need To Be Afraid of Tall Black Men
October 24, 2008, 11:19 pm
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McCain volunteer to be charged in attack hoax

This is probably a story they won’t emphasize too much. It’s not like we need more reasons for people to be afraid of black men. It’s not like anyone condones scarring up someones face except for ritualistic purposes. But what Barack supporters are REALLLY going around putting backwards B’s on people’sfaces???

We don’t want no trouble suh! No Really.. Black people ARE NOT trying to cause trouble these days.

So really.. why come… yes.. why come.. Is it okay for young white woman to go around blaming tall black men for their troubles???@#$@#@$

Tall Black Men (TBM) have ENOUGH trouble, getting jobs, finding a good woman, buying a car, getting home from work without offending people, that they don’t need ANY help from silly, apparently and historically psychotic women who want to make a backwards point.

Really, what are you trying to prove little girl?

You got attacked at an ATM? Right.. Cuz you know TBM lurk about ATM’s times are hard and all people need money.

They beat you up? Riiiiiiight. Okay. Because you supported McCain.

Really? Black people aren’t that angry.

Why do white people think that black people are just gungho about Barack just because he’s black( He’s not really) ? Why do they think that? Do you know how many years Black people have been avidly supporting and voting for White people? Why make a distinction all of  a sudden for a man who happens to be partially black??? No, some people vote based on the issues. So sorry.

Those same people aren’t going around scarring up people’s faces because they’re supporting the opposite party. That’s ludicrious and this women needs to be delt the book. This is not just a case against parties, why are people trying to stir up the racist dust even further..

Welcome to the non-racist America.. I’m glad everyone can see how backwards we are and how FAR we REALLLY need to go.


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