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Why Women Love Gay Men
October 26, 2008, 2:24 am
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For simplicities sake we’ll say I work at what my friend calls “The EVIL Bean” it’s a part-time stint. But, I work there.  I make your coffee, I feed your addictions. I watch you, because people are funny!

Yesterday, Friday, I was at The Evil Bean and witnessed a woman gushing over my gay co-worker and his partner. IT was in that moment of overwhelming fanning, laughing, smiling and gushing that i received an ephiphany!

I finally know why women Love Gay Men!!!

And like ephinanies it’s simple.

Women Love Gay Men because…..

Gay men are unashamadely feminine yet masculine all at the same time. They ride the rails of an existance many woman feel they cannot enter or uphold. These men galavant around in a most well… gay fashion… and i do mean happy and stylish… putting another womans strut and fire to shame; yet at the same time they are male, they wear the pants (if they desire on this day), will speak their mind, wear The HELL out of any accessory you thought was a simple trinket and get the damn thing DONE!

No excuses.

Gay Men are the best of both worlds and eff what you heard.  Deep down I think women are actually jealous that they can’t be as free as these Free Spirits are.  There are no restrictions in a sense. The “Gay World” as it is.. is all about making up your own rules. Being a Diva or a Don and playing that shit, rolling that truck to the wheels, the axle and the springs are broke all the fux down.

Basically, It’s all about freedom. While not all women LOVE gay men, all gay men don’t feel free to be themselves… but in this respect… I’m talking about women who feel repressed or act like they are in any aspect and by Gay Men.. i mean the fabulously free-to- be- me men who are not ashamed of who they are.

5 times outta 10 women have a best gay male friend. Don’t lie to yourself, if your a woman,You either have one or you’ve been pining for one for a minute.  And… it’s okay. Love your Best Gay Friend.  But, don’t be jealous, take a few lessons. and WORK It Gurl!!!! stop hattin’ You can be FIERCE too!


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