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A “Great” Day for African Americans??!! WTF!
November 9, 2008, 4:38 pm
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It’s a proud day for Americans.. screw it being a proud day for African-Americans.

Excuse me if I’m just a tad bit salty. The crowd I was in loudly booed when we first heard McCain say it, and each day that dawns it makes me more upset that the media is that blind and rude.

While I stand as one in a sea of proud millions, I can’t help but to think that many journalist are missing the point and they still think Americans especially Black/African-Americans are stupid.

Americans are not blind. African-Americans have been trying to say for years that America was still racist and everyday it’s more and more evident. Obama used the phrase ” a mutt like me” when referring to the choice of the new first families dog most likely being a mixed breed because of his daughters allergies. Obama smiled ( you gotta love a handsome man with a sense of humor !) but articles popped up and journalist bristled.

My issue is they keep calling this man the first Black or the first African-American President.  While it’s nice that we identify his color and genealogy. Millions of people didn’t vote for a Black man, they voted for a man who promised and ignited there hopes. He could have been yellowm blue or green! While it’s nice that African-Americans can identify with the fact that “That One” has a Kenyan father making him 1/2 African lets not forget, because he obviously hasn’t, that Obama is indeed a mutt. His mother is a white American. Making him an actual African American and that’s more than alot of people who are called African American can say for themselves; when they cannot even trace their roots back to a specific locale in the continent of Africa itself.

Everyday, I love this man more and more. When he can blatantly stand in front of the media and smile and call himself a mutt, it is a clear day on our presidential and personal horizons. It seems that this mixed man is not only stirring up the political and emotional dust of our nation and our world as a whole but he’s stirring up the ties that still ,for some strange reason , bind this “great” country in a holding pattern from making us F’ng Amazing. Great is mediocre.. but F’ng Amazing.. well we haven’t been there yet it could be A Great Day for the world screw just the happy americans black or white!


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