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Can one ever get their heart back?
December 22, 2008, 10:59 pm
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from aussiegal/ flickr

from aussiegal/ flickr

Besides the obvious uses, the iPod is an amazing invention and coupled with that the shuffle mode is an intuitive little creature that always seems to play what i need to hear, when i need to hear it.

I don’t listen to Keyshia Cole very often if at all. that’s a longer blog for another day but my iPod felt it necessary to bestow some wisdom upon my meandering wounded heart the other day. The song of choice?

“Got To Get My Heart Back” The 4 or 5 minute mini-drama emotive didi introduced into my life a question I hadn’t thought about in a minute or at least since “The Breakup”

Is it really possible to get your heart back? Or is it better to move on with the lessons this new love has given you and be a better, stronger, loving YOU?

The strong part of me wants to say, “Move on girl, take the lessons and be strong for the next episode.” But, the sappy part of me wonders, is it really possible to get back who you were? Could I really be that happy go lucky person again or is she long goooone?

The lyrics express a sentiment I’m sure many a girl or boy has felt before…

Got to get my heart back to the way it used to love. (The way it used to love)
The way it used to be. (The way it used to be)
And the way it used to feel. (The way it used to feel before I)
Before I fell in love.
Fell in love with you.

The truth is, you’ll never be the person you were before you loved that person. You either gave too much, gave enough or gave too little and after this love, you will never love the same again. You may be a little jaded, a little more freer, a little secluded, a little less willing or maybe you’re bulletproof and you bounce back without reprieve, regrets or regressions. I wish I was you. But, most of are not. Many of us mope and bemoan the loss. Some choose to act like nothings wrong, but you can’t deny that being with someone and then leaving them changes you in some way.

You can NEVER really get back to the person you used to be and to be honest, do you really want to? Going back to who you used to be means you didn’t grow, you didn’t learn and you may be suspect to being caught up in the same situation you just left. Insanity, contrary to popular belief or the immortal words of Albert Einstein is not the state of doing something over and over again expecting a different result, but

such unsoundness of mind or lack of understanding as prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status, or transaction or as removes one from criminal or civil responsibility

Yet and still, leaving a relationship and not taking the time to learn the lessons of why it did or did not work is a bit insane if not asinine and or ignorant if not criminal.. remove yourself!

Life is all about learning your lessons and becoming a better you.

So, I’m sorry Keyshia, Dear Heart of Mine or any other fairytale lala land rejects myself included but.. No you CAN’T get your heart back. Not only is it physically impossible, but it’s psychically as well and a good growing person can’t go back in time. That heart, that person is irretrievable. My best advice is to get yourself together, your NEW self and move on. Be careful not to repeat any bad mistakes and take the smiling moments with you.

love ya

Got To Get My Heart Back – Keyshia Cole


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