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Could You/ Can You Grow To Love Someone?
January 29, 2009, 3:56 pm
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Could You/ Can You Grow To Love Someone?

heart in my hands hold my hand hold my heart by ~ilker3004

I spent several years of my life living this lie. Believing the pieces of me could realign themselves to support me in such a farce.
No. I am not one of those women. I cannot grow to love. Either I love you or i don’t. I tried. Many of us do. Try to mold ourselves into the molds others have picked for us. It’s like picking an ugly dress. No, It’s like your mom picking out an ugly dress, telling you it’s pretty and you try to pretend you like, b/c it’s your mother, b/c your mother provides for you, b/c your mother has your best interest at hand. But, this is the truth. You hate it and it doesn’t mean you love your mother any less b/c you don’t like the dress. You just don’t like it. Your mom is still your genesis, your provider. You just have your own opinion andyour reality doesn’t accept ugly dresses.

So why do we settle? Why do we succumb to the whims of the ugly dress? Put ourselves into it. Date that boy even though he doesn’t really make you happy. Keep that dress in the closest, and give it the side-eye every time you open your closest , pushing it to the side every time as we try to find something to wear. Keep him around and day dream about another life, another man, as he festers and morphs into your worst nightmare in technicolor on your couch.

Girl, stand up to yourself. That man is not your only source of sustenance. Now, your mom is another story. You can’t replace her. But this man didn’t give you life. Doesn’t give you life. Never will.

You and your creator are your life and you don’t have to be stuck in a situation that doesn’t fit you.

You have the choice to make. Stay or leave, Love ’em or Leave ’em alone…

But don’t stay where your spirit dies, your dreams fade and your you is diminished.

Live life, but live and love for you. No one else.

Besides, If you can stand up to your mom, you can surely stand up to some dude whose not for you..

Truer words have never been spoken- A twitter message from songwriter Jack Knight —

you have to blame yourself for whatever relationships you entertain, and the drama that the blame..but now im in control 5:25 AM Jan 21st from web

Grow up, your not a kid anymore


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